Commercial Cleaning Services

B Clean Pro Services delivers top of the line service at each and every visit, guaranteed!
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Office cleaning

We recommend maintaining a regular office cleaning schedule to keep the surroundings looking balanced and professional. Whether that is daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or at another interval is completely up to you.

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Janitorial services

Janitorial services go beyond everyday cleaning to include things such as shampooing rugs, removing trash from the facility, notifying your staff of needed repairs, and providing cleaning solutions to keep your facility looking great.

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Floor Cleaning

B Clean Pro Services offers commercial floor cleaning to meet the needs of any business. This includes scrubbing, waxing, and sealing of vinyl composition tile.

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Post-Construction Cleanup

Finishing a building project gives you a great sense of satisfaction. Unfortunately, it also creates disorder because things are messy and out of place. You need a company like B Clean Pro Services to bring harmony to the new construction before you can use and enjoy it.

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“We hired B Clean to clean both the common area and inside tenant suites. They also do our carpet cleaning and floor cleaning in the restrooms and the tenant suites who have hard flooring. We felt that the other cleaning company we were using wasn’t providing personalized service. Brad and his team provides great service and they care as much as we do.”
– Donna Stapleton

“I like to present a clean office. I don’t want trash cans overflowing or cobwebs in the office for patients and staff to see. B Clean not only does a great job cleaning our office, but they come in upbeat with smiles on their faces. That makes a big difference. Above all, I trust Brad and his team to be in the office with my nurses and staff.”
– Colleen Cashman, Nephrology Associates

“I was experiencing problems with the cleaning company that I was using, so I called Brad at B Clean and after a couple of conversations, decided to make the switch. I like dealing with Brad because he’s local, he’s the owner and he’s the guy that I deal with. I’ve worked with other companies where I had to go through nine different layers of people to get a problem addressed or even a simple question answered. That’s frustrating. Brad is a hands-on owner. If I have an issue, I contact Brad and I know it’ll be taken care of.”
– Rich Timbers, Ed Schmidt

B Clean mopping floors

As a business owner, you understand that a dirty or messy environment invites an atmosphere of chaos to develop. Everything feels out of order and it affects the way that people do their jobs.

B Clean Pro Services understands this.

Our reliable commercial cleaning crew will restore order at your business and give you the peace of mind you need to run your company effectively. Whether its routine office cleaning, janitorial services, or professional floor care that you need, our commercial cleaning team is here to support your business.

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